The Link anno 2021 – looking back & pushing forward

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By Mette Hoberg Tønnesen, CEO of The Link

What a year this was. If you don’t mind me getting a tad sentimental, the first year in business is always quite special, as I can imagine many of our startup founders can agree.

To begin this new year, I’d like to invite you on a trip down memory lane, where I’ll highlight some memorable moments from this breakneck year (and share some plans for the year to come, if you can keep a secret…)

The dream team and a few too many ideas

This year, our team grew from one to three. Together with Lasse Chor and Line Breckling, we’re now quite the dream team with expertise within politics, ecosystem knowledge, investor- and startup-experience, communications, and much more.

It’s also safe to say that we’re a team where ideas fly high. Our goal is to help create a world-class ecosystem for entrepreneurship here in Aarhus, and there are no limits to the amounts of ideas!

Disclaimer: the ecosystem is already great. We’re home to a world-top ranking university, a world’s top-20 most digital hospital, 3 Unicorns, and thousands of promising startups.

But, if we want to be world-class and compete with the big boys and girls out in the world, we’ve got a ton of post-it ideas, we’re brewing on launching soon.

Ideas that came to life and how the community helped spread the word

I am proud of how much enormously positive support we’ve received for the activities we launched in 2021. Firstly, we launched our networking groups, linking investors, leading corporates, and ecosystem experts. In these groups, we are working to increase knowledge sharing and initiate strategies to improve our ecosystem.

Our second launch was widely spread within and outside our ecosystem – the launch of Aarhus’ new branding platform, The site shares all startup- and investor-relevant events, news, and data. Thereby, this is our (and your) new, first point of entry into the startup ecosystem in Aarhus – a way everyone in the startup-curios gang can stay up to date with what’s happening here in Aarhus.

And worth mentioning was all our partners and colleagues that helped share the news when the site went live. For more than a month after the launch, we were still being tagged in social media posts, newsletters, and hearing rumours of our site being recommended in meetings both within and outside our ecosystem borders.

This underlined, that we were working on something of value – and we thank everyone who gave us feedback and helped spread the word. THANK YOU!

New Year resolutions

Looking forward, we have many plans for The Link and for Startup Aarhus in 2022. Firstly, we’re upping our Twitter-game, so stay up to date on our Aarhus account and our DK account.

Secondly, we’re doing everything we can to bring back some of the awesome events that bring together our local founders. We are dying to meet everyone and help spark the connection that creates the next founder dream team, investor relationship or collaboration. So, hopefully, we’ll see you physically in the spring.

And the rest remains as top-secret post-its for now. But stay tuned on our LinkedIn, where we’re sharing selfies with everyone from Ambassadors and Presidents to founder-superstars, and of course news from within The Link.

Happy New Year,
Mette Hoberg Tønnesen, The Link

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